Chronology of Destruction

War with Germany

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Isaac Niederman: Death of Brother and Human Greed

Martin Wasserman: Food in Labor Camp

Martin Wasserman: We Will Be Looking for You


January 1942 – Deportation of Jews in Lodz to Chelmno begins.

January 20, 1942 – Wannsee Conference is held to organize annihilation of European Jewry.

Martin Wasserman: Stealing from German Kitchen

Martin Wasserman: 25 Lashes Plus 10 More

July 23, 1942 – Deportation of Jews in Warsaw to Treblinka begins.

Anne Levy: Hiding in Vegetable Bin

Lila Millen: Hiding in Vegetable Bin

June 1942 – Deportation of Belgian Jews to Auschwitz begins; Jeannine Burk, three years old in September, is entrusted to a Christian rescuer.

Jeannine Burk: Last Memories of Father

Jeannine Burk: She Saved My Life

Jeannine Burk: Arrest of Her Father and Mother’S Courage

September-October 1942 – 40,000 Jews in Czestochowa ghetto are deported to Treblinka, including Siggy Borak’s family.

Siggy Boraks: Last Goodbye to Family

October 1942 – The Jews of Oleszyce, Poland, including Eva Galler, are ordered to Lubaczow ghetto.

Eva Galler: Lubaczow Ghetto

Eva Galler: Escapee from Belzec Death Camp and German Who Was a Sait