Meaning of Friendship

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Survivors Martin Wasserman and Siggy Boraks pose in Martin’s backyard in Kenner, Louisiana, a suburb of New Orleans. Both men were liberated by the Americans at Dachau. They met in New Orleans.

Meaning of Friendship

“And I knew my family’s going. So I gave up. I really didn’t care if I live or die, but she pushed me to it. And she had so much influence on me.”
– Felicia Fuksman, describing her friend Bronia

Four of our survivors stress the importance of friendship during the war. Felicia Fuksman had Bronia Lewkowicz. Shep Zitler and Harry Sanders were “partners.” Martin Wasserman went through the war with his cousin Henry Wasserman at his side. Anne Levy and Lila Millen, the child=sisters, had one another.