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Life Before the War - Teaching the Holocaust

Life Before the War

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Pilgrimage at Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, Poland, 1990

Life Before the War

Five of our survivors describe their lives before the outbreak of war in 1939. Anne Levy, Eva Galler, and Felicia Fuksman speak of happy times. Isaac Niederman and Shep Zitler recall an atmosphere thick with anti-Semitism.

We should note that Lila Millen was too young to remember anything from before the war. She had the ironical benefit of not knowing she was Jewish. Jeannine Burk was born in the first month of the war, on September 15, 1939. Her memories date from 1942.

1. Anne Levy: Enjoying Things That Children Enjoyed

2. Eva Galler: Life Was Quiet

3. Felicia Fuksman: Coming From a Poor Family

4. Isaac Niederman: Anti-Semitism Before the War

5. Shep Zitler: Anti-Semitism in Polish Army