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Monument to the Ghetto Fighters in Warsaw, in 1992, fifty years after the deportations that transported 330,000 Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto to the gas chambers at Treblinka, in less than two months


“And those guys what they found, what they escaped, they was shot and they was buried in the same grave what we was digging for ourselves.”
– Siggy Boraks

Five of our survivors offer examples of resistance. They are Jeannine Burk, Eva Galler, Siggy Boraks, Martin Wasserman, and Anne Levy.


Despite the paucity of weapons and outside support, Jews resisted the Nazi murderers and their collaborators in many ways. Jumping from a “death train,” for example, was an act of resistance. During the six years of unrelenting brutality and mass-murder, one of the greatest acts of resistance was not giving up.